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9:06 PM

AirAsia Skidded Off The Runway

Posted by hOtspUrz

10/01/2010, 1020pm Kuching International Airport..
Due to heavy rain at Kuching, AirAsia flight AK5218 was skidded of the runway onto soft ground at KIA
"I was not sure at which section of the runway it skidded as it was raining and dark. When I alighted from the plane, I noticed that the nose-wheel tyre seemed to have been damaged," he told reporters.
informed that 4 passenger having injured and were sent to Sarawak General Hospital.

This picca show Kuching International Airport where the AirAsia plane was skidded.

Here some picca that i taken from MalaysianWings Forum..

huhhhh such a heavy landing i think..

haha.. for sure right after this hOtspUrz will ensure the registration aircraft 1st b4 entering any AirAsia plane.. hehe...

Now Everyone Stuck at Airport.. hehe.. or Now Everyone Can Choose Firefly.. huhu