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9:07 PM


Posted by hOtspUrz

as usual SHARING IS CARING!!! mintak izin ye..
here is the link for those interested with this picca.. Mr. Kamalludin . Oppsss that link doesn't work if u r not member on that forum.. hehe.. ala uolls bley g tgk kat malaysian wings forum.. wokey?!!!

My 1st word for that picca!!! SUMPAH AKU TERUJA!!!! sangat2 kowt!!!.. giler gempaq!!! haha.. siyes teruja..

Perghh siap ngan lori loading foods (LSG sky chefs) & others accessories.. emm agaknye bila la hOtspUrz dpt memiliki sume neh!!! dpt satu set mcm tuh 3 hari 3 malam xtido!!!

8:45 PM

hOtspUrz -- hObi

Posted by hOtspUrz

Sharing is Caring!!! ;P

10:17 PM

hOtspUrz - - - a bit disappointed!!!!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

hOtspUrz nak share sket kekecewaan yg dihadapi last week!! actually amek mase tau nak share coz that situation sgt2 mengecewakan dan sakit hati!!!!..

last week hOtspUrz had attend an intvw kat sebuah Kilang (Irish Company- mainly produce most advance technologically ingredients).. haha xperlooo nak inform nama company kan..
siyes!!! at 1st tak de pun rasa nervous coz b4 this da byk kali attend intvw.. then ditambah pula 2 org interviewer lelaki + malay.. so tak de la nak risau sgt kan.. coz normally org lelaki ni sempoi sket.. then malay tuh plak u know kan.. malay+english= malayngish.. haha.. (english sy tak de la terer ok!! muet dpt BAND 2!!!)

8:19 PM

hOtspUrz.... what a TIRING day!!

Posted by hOtspUrz
11:01 PM

hOtspUrz..... letih weh

Posted by hOtspUrz

Bosan + Malas!!! emm siyes hOtspUrz semakin malas nak kje kat sini!!! haha.. stp minggu nak tunggu hari sabtu je coz half day kan.. otak pun da beku!! (wah lme giler xguna perkataan neh) yep otak hOtspUrz da beku!! mne taknye.. lps cost down project yg continuously and still xmenjadi2 lg + kje yg ntah pape.. so otak pun da tak larat da nak tanggung..

Just now hOtspUrz sibuk study on emulsion pulek!!! bos ckp "sejak u masuk neh da 4 kali kot study pasal emulsion"... sume ni plak pasal tokey xmao guna oil and shortening!! mahal katanya.. so tpkse la cari alternative lain.. chicken skin plak ade prob.. Gov da banned import chicken skin.. so?? emm pasal oil ni tak de la serius sgt... but shortening mmg da serius.. coz price melambung sgt2.. argh malas la nak pk.. so skg ni yg latest nye.. study on enzyme emulsion!!! hahaha..

letih weh!!! almost 8 hrs duduk dlm production coz nak observe emulsion mixing ngan products.. arghh letih!!!! bila letih je, ape lg MAKAN!!! so?? lagi la stress.... haha..

10:20 PM

hOtspUrz semakin ghairah!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

Alhamdulillah, hOtspUrz got another phone call from Kerry Ingredients for an interview..
If memory serve me right, actually i'm not applied for QA exec at there but as Lab technician..
but from the phone call and also email they state that the position that i applied is QA exec.. emm ape2 je lah.. actually for Lab technician, i just click at jobstreet only.. not interested at all. Y?? i'm not searching for the non-exec position!!! haha.. giler pangkat siot!!!..

9:18 PM

Malaysia Airlines A330 300

Posted by hOtspUrz

Nothing much to update for da rite now.. so here just wanna share some picca that i took from MalaysianWings!!.. mintak izin ye!!! sharing is caring.. :p

Here is the Malaysia Airlines Brand New A330-300 with registration no. 9M-MTA. This A330-300 wearing the same livery like B737-800 and for sure all of us can't wait for A380! From the airline routes info, this new A330 300 to be deploy on Kuala Lumpur - Brisbane route. So who those interested to be the 1st to fly with this A330 300, logon to malaysia airlines website and booked ur ticket now!! hahaha

Haha.. after we only saw the plane for the past 2 weeks, now let's we explore the interior of this A330 300 Malaysia Airlines. Here some picca of Business class (golden club class) and Economy class.. MH new A333 - 38J + 245Y = 283 seats

seriously, i'm quite impressed with this new seats even though this seats is not fully lie-flat but the overall cabin design is quite impressive.

1:21 PM

Wish me LUCK!!!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

Last Friday (1 april 2011) got fon calling from Kraft penang.. emmm.. at first i' just leave it coz quite busy on that time. tp sempat gak search that number kat google..hehe

but then dpt fon call lg.. huhhh.. hello en ......................... i'm calling from kraft penang.. bla bla bla... but my words is " is that truth ?? coz last week i hv receive an email from kraft.. that email wrote that i'm not in the shortlisted.. emm eh en ..... this not main main!!! btol neh and i said bukan appril fool?? haha coz today is 1st of april!!!. haha.. terus that girl gelak... so en ..... can we arrange this intvw?? ya can!!!!

so this coming tuesday!!! 9 am ya!!!! orite!!!

Wish Me LUCK ya friends!!!

really need better life and better working env!!! at the same time better benefits, better experience, 5 days a week!! hahaha..

5:16 PM

Just wanna share part of MY STORY!!!!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

Hi all.. just wanna share a part of my story here!!! so make sure click at that link ya!!!!
don worried that's not spam or viruses!!! ok!!! 100% sure!!!!

have fun with this story ya...