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1:21 PM

Wish me LUCK!!!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

Last Friday (1 april 2011) got fon calling from Kraft penang.. emmm.. at first i' just leave it coz quite busy on that time. tp sempat gak search that number kat google..hehe

but then dpt fon call lg.. huhhh.. hello en ......................... i'm calling from kraft penang.. bla bla bla... but my words is " is that truth ?? coz last week i hv receive an email from kraft.. that email wrote that i'm not in the shortlisted.. emm eh en ..... this not main main!!! btol neh and i said bukan appril fool?? haha coz today is 1st of april!!!. haha.. terus that girl gelak... so en ..... can we arrange this intvw?? ya can!!!!

so this coming tuesday!!! 9 am ya!!!! orite!!!

Wish Me LUCK ya friends!!!

really need better life and better working env!!! at the same time better benefits, better experience, 5 days a week!! hahaha..


Zalikha Taza said...

all the best bro...(^.^)v

Boysbe9 said...

gudluck mat. dpt kraft best la. dpt mkn cheese slalu. ;P

hOtspUrz said...

Ika: thanks ya!!!

Mal: hehe tq2!!! kraft penang wat twisties ngan cheezels!!! hehe.. so mkn snack food je la..