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9:14 PM

hOtspUrz .......... waiting for AirAsia

Posted by hOtspUrz

Hari ni jahanam hOtspUrz punye wallet!! hahaha.. how come??
emm sume ni pasal addicted sgt2 ngan diecast model!!! aircraft!! arghhhh.. can't help!!
hOtspUrz habiskan rm160 within 30 minutes je (tu tmsk deal via sms so lmbt la sket kan).. but that 1 really cheap!! (murah ke?? boleh la xde la murah sgt but just nice!! haha)

so hOtspUrz pun beli lah this airplane!!!
(credits to malaysian wings for da picca and also dai-kong)
9M-AFC AirAsia A320-200.... but bukan nie sje ye.. rm160 including postage tuh actually include dengan yg ini sekali...

9:08 PM

hOtspUrz .... i'm okay!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

hOtspUrz receive an email from K---y Ing-----s..
SEPERTI yang TELAH DIJANGKA!!! Unsuccessful!!! but i'm okay!! i'm not disappointed!!! coz already know!! that interview was really2 suck!!! for god sake!! that was really2 suck..
if they appoint me to join that company, I WILL DECLINE!!! totally decline..

tak pernah aku g intvw org gelak depan2 when i answer their Q.. serious!! that was really disgusting!!! sorry to said..

So just know need to feel happy with current job!! until i get a better offer!!! InsyaAllah..

11:10 PM

hOtspUrz ...... sehebat Dato Lee Chong Wei??

Posted by hOtspUrz

adoi bikin kecoh la hOtspUrz!!! ingat ko hebat?? main badminton pun pinjam riket aman.. hahaha.. adoi wat pengakuan terbuka neh!!! xmampoooo nak beli riket lg lor!!! duit gaji habis beli diecast aircraft model... so mcm mne neh?? aman pinjam lg ea riket hg!! hg bukan nak main pun kan.. hahaha.. but may be in some days hOtspUrz will buy racket.. so that no need to borrow from aman anymore!! but when ha?? emm arghhh!!! don't force me to answer ya coz i'm a bit stress on that thing.. hahaha.. coz when i open my wallet, there have a lot of small pepper inside (bank slip lor)... (in my mind.. hOtspUrz in some days!!!)

7:49 PM

hOtspUrz's Lately..........

Posted by hOtspUrz

Just to compile what was hOtspUrz's had done lately and some point of views..

1st... hOtspUrz had been choose as auditor for S---- to Kerabat Processing House (our chicken parts supplier) Yeah!!!. emm this is actually due to quality issues from the side of that company.. so this is my first experience in the audit task during the work here (at 1st don wanna involve in this task). But for sure lah i'm so excited in doing this activity, even though this is very tough task coz this involves the quality and credibility of the company. (da mcm penguatkuasa JAKIM tau!!)

9:15 PM

hOtspUrz - addicted

Posted by hOtspUrz

I'm really2 addicted with this thing!!!! urghhh..

for this time hOtspUrz nak share some picca wat tatapan korg.. actually dlm collection hOtspUrz da ada 5 biji.. (err biji or buah???) haha.. 1st: Delta AirLines, 2nd: AirAsia, 3rd+4th: Boeing Livery 777-300ER + 747-400 and 5th : Malaysia Airlines 737-800.. so hOtspUrz wish list include MAS A330-300, Pakistan Airlines A310 + 747-300 (nak beli sb murah!!), Japan Airlines 767-300 (sb minat ngn B767 + murah) hehehe.

B777-300ER at parking bay.. hehe.. berbekalkan sekeping A4 paper + pen merah + pensil + highlighter kuning = tarmac !!!! haha..

At last hOtspUrz berjaya jugak beli model aircraft!!! klo tak silap hOtspUrz la kan.. da lama sgt ngidam nak beli aircraft model neh.. sejak awal 2010 lg!!! but at least penantian hOtspUrz berbaloi dengan pembelian Boeing 737-800 Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXA.. hehe.. for this year hOtspUrz da beli 2 kali.. 1st bulan February lps hOtspUrz beli Boeing livery 777-300ER & 747-400 (1:1000 scale) but this time hOtspUrz beli 737-800 Malaysia Airlines (1:400 scale).. InsyaAllah next month klo rezeki murah hOtspUrz nak beli A330-300 Malaysia Airlines (1:400 scale)..

11:43 PM

hOtspUrz - Hang Out with aman + arep...

Posted by hOtspUrz

emm If memory serve me right, da hampir 4 bulan xjmp arep coz last jumpa time wedding dia kat gold coast kelantan.. So last wednesday (27/4/2011) dpt la jumpa blk.. but actually da nak jumpa a week b4 that coz arep dtg penang (jawi) g kursus. tp at last minutes cancel coz on that time rush sgt2.. so last week arep dtg lg penang.. then ktorg plan semula nak jmp kat area seberang jaya..
hOtspUrz plak ajk aman jOin sekali coz lg best klo beramai2 lepak.. ramai kah?? ok la kan 3 org.. hOtspUrz n aman g bersama dari SP dlm pkl 7.45pm coz nak jmp kat check point hospital seberang jaya dlm pkl 8.30pm..
lps je jmp kat check point ktorg decide nak g Jusco Seberang Prai City.. just jln2 n mkn!!!! ktorg lepak sampai la pkl 10 mlm coz as usual shopping mall pun da nak tutupkan ngn arep plak kne masuk blk tempat dia training b4 11pm..
thanks ya arep coz blnja ktorg mkn malam tuh.. hehehe.. makan free byk VITAMIN "F"..

2:06 PM

hOtspUrz - 9M-MXA prepare for delivery..

Posted by hOtspUrz

yahoooooooooooooo!!!! at last hOtspUrz berjaya mendapatkannya!!! so next tuesday we will make a delivery for da 1st baby back to our hOme!!! hehe.. but don't know yet when this baby will be touch down at here!!! our pilot are doing their great jobs to make this delivery are memorable!!!.. hehehe.. hOtspUrz da mula berangan... so hOtspUrz kne prepare tarmac and runway.. so tunggguuuuu