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hOtspUrz's Lately..........

Posted by hOtspUrz

Just to compile what was hOtspUrz's had done lately and some point of views..

1st... hOtspUrz had been choose as auditor for S---- to Kerabat Processing House (our chicken parts supplier) Yeah!!!. emm this is actually due to quality issues from the side of that company.. so this is my first experience in the audit task during the work here (at 1st don wanna involve in this task). But for sure lah i'm so excited in doing this activity, even though this is very tough task coz this involves the quality and credibility of the company. (da mcm penguatkuasa JAKIM tau!!)

on 19.05.2011, hOtspUrz and two more S----staff had done the audit in Kerabat Processing House. Everything went smoothly.. This company actually supplies chicken parts to us for Our Hot & Spicy fried chicken (so cepat2 p beli hOt&spicy fried chicken ya coz our product mmg sedap sgt2!!). Besides that this company also supply fresh whole bird to Tesco. So to those who bought the chickens at Tesco with WTS brand don't be shy and reluctant to ask hOtspUrz bout hygienic and cleanliness also HALAL.. (ni sume based on hotspurz punya observation dan jugak soal jawab ngan slaughter-man!! insyaAllah Halal..)

2nd.. its was a bit disappointed!!! status from my application for the post of R&D exec at maestro swiss was UNSUCCESSFUL!!!! OMG!!! i really hope that i have fortune to work at this company.. Adoi!!! mmg ngah desperate sgt neh nak cari kje laen!!!
3rd.... GM wanna meet me?!!! arghh!! WTH??? just came back from audit, one of my fellow tell me that GM wanna meet me (ape pulek la pak hitam neh nak wat!!) from the short meeting with him lots of thing was discussed but i'm really2 don't understand with the way of he's doing.. pe hal plak marah2 kat aku!!! that's not my fault!! ko g la tnye bos aku!!! siot btol!! yg korg xwat market survey xpe plak?? dasar perangai PAK HITAM arang!!! for god sake!!! mmg aku benci ngan org mcm tuh..

4th..arghhhh!!!! my baby 737-800 missing its landing gear wheel!!! can't sleep at nite!!!!!!. haha.. klo dah addicted kan.. ape bley wat.. emm rite after that without delayed, surf malaysian wings forum!!! haha.. searching for the new items... unfortunately all my booking are not responding yet!!! 737-800 malaysia airlines OK-TVC reg and 777-200ER malaysia airlines (Manchester United Asia Tour 2005 - 9M-MRN)!! helloo!!! preps!!! please response!!!..

5th.. planning for vacation!!! arghh really2 need some refreshment!!!! so at the beginning just plan for SABAH!!! huhhh.. sounds like byk sgt duet kan!!! hahaha.. hey guys!! make sure this time we make it real yeah!!!!

6th... road to penang!!! arghh this time i won forgive myself for the wrong lane at SP - Penang highway!!... boley plak la g lane ipoh / kuala lumpur!!! siot!! but that's not the last one!!! at the junction of queensbay - bayan lepas - bayan baru, i repeated the same thing!!! salah lagi!! haiyooo smp masuk kwsn perindustrian da neh!! jalan plak tutup!!! GPS oso didn't help me much!!! arghh asyk bagi salah route je.. ..