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10:20 PM

hOtspUrz semakin ghairah!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

Alhamdulillah, hOtspUrz got another phone call from Kerry Ingredients for an interview..
If memory serve me right, actually i'm not applied for QA exec at there but as Lab technician..
but from the phone call and also email they state that the position that i applied is QA exec.. emm ape2 je lah.. actually for Lab technician, i just click at jobstreet only.. not interested at all. Y?? i'm not searching for the non-exec position!!! haha.. giler pangkat siot!!!..

So for this opportunities, i'll try my best!!! Doakan kejayaan hOtspUrz ya!! coz just now i'm really2 need better working environment and also better SALARY!!! hahaha.. hOtspUrz!!! make sure prepared ya for this time.. be confident!! and improve ur public speaking..

another things is, i didn't see any opportunities or improvement in the future if i'm still working at here!! coz family run business is always like that!!! kena kipas2 and also bodek!!! haiyoo..