KiSah kLaSik uNtuK maSa dEpaN... MiMpi yaNg sEmpUrna...

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As usual hOtspUrz just wanna share some picca..
so korg layann sudah!!!.. teruja siot!!!!! coz hOtspUrz da ade 3 die-cast model!! 1st Malaysia Airlines B737-800 9M-MXA - new livery scheme, 2nd AirAsia A320-200 9M-AFW - AT&T William F1 livery scheme, 3rd AirAsia A320-200 9M-AFC - World Best Low-Cost Airlines Livery (previously was Man U livery!!!)

skg ni hOtspUrz da ade 3 buah die-cast model utk scale 1:400.. but more will be coming soon.. hehe.. emm terus tgk wallet and account!! arghhh!! need to have more savings..

all those airplane was parked at tarmac!!! haha.. buatan sendiri tau tarmac tuh.. emm thinking to have own airport!!! hOtspUrz international airport!!! coz lots of airplane on order!!! (berangan jd mr. tony jap!!!)

haaa shoot ni hOtspUrz suka!!! like!!! coz mcm ngah parked kat aerobridge utk pax boarding!!!

for just now tarmac yg hOtspUrz wat just bley accommodate utk 3 buah airplane je.. so need to expand ASAP!!! haha.. airport accessories xde lg?? so mcm mne neh??

actually hOtspUrz plan nak beli Malaysia Airlines A330-300 9M-MTA new livery scheme!!! but on that day buka je malaysian wings forum ade plak yg wat promotion for AirAsia.. price quite cheaper dan bley tahan lor.. so yg tak tahannye hOtspUrz!!! coz terus deal n terus make a payment!!!! adoi.. so need to pending for a while utk MAS A330-300.. (poket da kering kontang!!!)