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9:50 PM

hOtspUrz.... really-really hope!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

some of you already be informed that, hOtspUrz was attending interview at nestle.. but i don't have a feel to write anythings regarding to the interview Q&A coz that caused me feel STRESS!!!

but for those read this post!!! please!! please!! please pray for hOtspUrz luck!!! i'm really2 hope that, they r choosing me!!!!! to join them!! seriously!! i'm really2 hope!!! YA ALLAH murahkan lah rezekiku!!! aminnn..

current company make me feel bored!!! for god sake!!! i don't have mood to working with them anymore!!! don't know why!! but may be i need some interesting working environment and better salary!!! (oh don't said bout that coz i'm the only degree holder at here have the lowest salary)..