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9:42 PM

hOtspUrz cOst-dOwn reSeaRcher

Posted by hOtspUrz

actually i hv no ideas to update this blog but here i just wanna share some of my life as COST DOWN RESEARCHER!!!... haha
Begin with my routine in da morning!!! as usual for worker!!! bw kereta kecil warna putih!!!! but today hv a bit disappointed coz that white color can't start the engine.. so just rempit with KBA aka da go-green motorcycle.. haha..

haaa that showed how's cost down researcher it is!!!! bored and bored and bored!!!! coz from da 1st day report da duties, till now mOst of my foCus research is on cost down!!! NOT cost effectiveness!!! do not sell to us the EXPENSIVE ingredient at all!!! coz that sample will be throw in da dustbin!!! haha.. ("mus that ingredient just leave it!! no need to study bout that coz the price a bit higher than our existing") so?? just do as usual!! cost DOWN for f_rm _Old frank!! try to increase the water content and playing with the ratio of the starch!! (starch u can try using native or low grade)..
adoi!!!! please la, thinking for cost effectiveness 1st!!! do not concentrate for cost down!! coz that cost down will effect 100% to ur cOre business!!! (product!!!!)..adoi

this morning ajinomoto coming!!! with variety of flavour enhancer and texture improver.. but!! u know kan!! aji always MAHAL than others.. "aji will compete with knorr" for malaysian market!!! haha.. 1st: aji mmg lbh strong in flavor but the price?? haha.. so u know la kan which 1 to choose.. 2nd: cost dOwn not cost effectiveness.. so do i look like i care bout ur strong in flavor or taste!! haha.. 3rd: texture improver?? what the?? haha.. within 25 years in malaysia we didn't hv TEXTURE ANALYZER AT ALL!!! just using our mouth to feel that texture only!! so do i look like i care for the purpose of texture?? hahaha...

ok lah oredi tired and need a rest for another cost down projects!!


Boysbe9 said...

ai..psai pa si putih x bleh start plak?