KiSah kLaSik uNtuK maSa dEpaN... MiMpi yaNg sEmpUrna...

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10:28 PM

hOtspUrz... appraisal fOrm.... errr

Posted by hOtspUrz

errr 1stly sorry bOs!!! coz accidentally saw this appraisal form at ur table.. haha.. emm xtau la nak ckp ape but!!! quite impressive with those score!!! haha. perasan sket.. thanks bOss!! mudah2n naek la gaji hOtspUrz ya!!! tp klo nak naek tuh bg la byk2!! at least 10% from current sallary!!! hahaha.. ye la coz living cost kan da naek so xcukup kowt gaji skg ni!!!

come back to appraisal form!!! most higher score yg hOtspUrz dpt adalah 9 out of 10!!!! huhhh awesome kan?? ngeee.. then that score for = QUALITY OF WORK!!! hahaha.. biar btol bOss?? report pun english ntah pape!!! sensory report?? emm sumtime hampeh je!! ayat mcm xbtol.. haha.. emm product recipe?? sumtime 3 kali kne reprint!! haha.. emm pape pun thanks boss!! will try my best to improve the quality of my work!!!
for the lowest score yg hOtspUrz dpt adalah 7 out of 10!! utk attendance and dependability.. emm i'm ok with that!! average for the mandatory factor is 7.8 out of 10..

for the optional factor, average score is 7.6 out of 10.. ala ok la kan.. none of us is perfect..

pape pun this form actually had been submitted to HR department last month.. so hopefully this month naek la gaji ku ini!!! haha.. even though most of da time was thinking to find another job!!!...

gOod luCk hOtspUrz...