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9:55 PM

nO mOre RUNWAY!!!!!!

Posted by hOtspUrz

nO mOre rUnway left!!!! huhhhh.. for da 1st time tgk pic ni takot gler coz da nak overrun da!!! emm klo overrun kat daratan okay lg kowt tp klo overrun dlm laut!!! emm.. tp both types of overrun pun bahaya la beb.. setahu hOtspUrz la kan klo pilot da tak sempat nak take off bley je dia cancel ato rotate (patah balik untuk 2nd time take off). Comment for this picture almost 210!!! byk gler.. ade yg tak caye, ade yg ckp pilot ngah training and ade yg ckp pilot ni confirm pas ni kne terminated dr kije.. haha

Ni antara comments:
1. The pilots of this airplane felt nothing about putting the passengers lives at risk by performing a take-off in an airplane whose performance on that day was marginal for the mission. These pilots should be grounded. This take-off goes against everything us pilots spend our careers trying to perfect

Wow! You were definitely in the right place at the right time to capture this moment. Not for the faint of heart to try this on a hot day in an aircraft that is close to its MAXTOW and is underpowered as well. Thanks for the shot!

emm sbnrnye just wanna share je pe yg aku tgk ye.. haha..
airlines dlm picture ni bukan area asian pun Vaso Airlines dari Rusia kot coz guna airplane buatan rusia Ilyushin II-86.. Gambar ni diambil kat Phuket International Airport.. klo bdsrkan wiki runway utk airport ni cukup utk tampung pesawat besar mcm Boeing 747-400 coz panjang runway 3000m. tp tak tau la knp dlm gmbr neh bley plak sampai hujung runway br nak take off... emm okay la ea sampai cni sje lor..