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3:02 PM

STKM4222 - HALAL & PCR..

Posted by hOtspUrz

emm post kali ni serious sket.. bljr pasal polymerase chain reaction dalam subject pengurusan pengeluaran makanan halal..

issues in halal food production;
ingredient > pig & its by prdcts (Lard, Pork, Gelatin)
> enzyme (Rennet)
> Emulsifier (E471, Mono/digliserides) E code tak semestinye asal dr pig ade yg dari tumbuhan
> alcohol (ethanol)
> GMO foods.

replacement high cost to lower grade & cheaper
Food Manuf. blend veg fats with lard > reduce prd cost
* lard effectively blend with othr veg oils > shortening / margarine.

DNA technique;
genetic methods.
advantages DNA over protein;
> stability at high temp.
> presence in all tissue types
> greater variation with genetic code.

techniques > (sequencing, DNA hybridization, PCR)
**** PCR > rapidity, increased sensitivity and specificity.

1. DNA isolation (Gel electrophoresis, view under UV)
2. PCR mic
3.PCR amplification
4. Gel electrophoresis
5. staining
6. view

PCR - techniques take a specific sequence of DNA of small amount, amplifies to be used further testing, come from DNA polymerase used to amplify - replicate many times.. - a piece of DNA by in vitro enzymatic replication.